Lip Care

Lip balms

These products are for moisturising the lip area and is suitable for sensitive, chapped, dry or irritated lips. Most lip products now contain sunscreen to protect against the sun’s rays. Thanks to modern day technology lip balms can be purchased in many different flavours and colours to suit.


  • Softens texture of the lips
  • Protects against Ultra-Violet rays
  • Diminishes the dry, chapped appearance of the lips
  • Can be used under lipstick or over lipstick to promote longer lasting wear
  • Enhances youthful lips

Lip Serums

Most lip serums just like face serums are specifically formulated to target the delicate lip area and come in the form of an intensive treatment which can be used on a daily basis or for a quick instant boost. Lip serums have the ability to be absorbed quickly and easily by the skin and can offer instant results.

Some lip serums are also formulated to target lines and wrinkles around the lip area and for intensive instant moisturisation. Some may also contain SPF to offer protection against the sun.


  • For intense moisturisation and hydration
  • To target lines and wrinkles
  • To soften dry, chapped lips
  • For an instant visible treatment
  • Can be use in conjunction with other lip products