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Color Clash: Hair Colour and Cosmetics
Submitted by: Kristin Adams – President and Founder of Afterglow Cosmetics

Ever get back from the salon after you changed your hair colour and think, “This is totally wrong. This colour doesn’t work for me!”? Chances are that your new hair colour is gorgeous but you are still wearing the same make-up! As odd as it sounds, the shades of cosmetics you wear can make or break a new hair colour. If you are changing your hair colour don’t forget to change your make-up too!

Why Changing Makeup with Hair Colour is so Important

When you change your hair colour your whole appearance changes. The new shade can make your skin and eyes look more pale or more intense. Your new locks can bring out hidden undertones in your skin and new dimensions to your eyes. New hair colour can also make you look younger and more confident, but if you continue to wear the same make-up then you can also look a little odd. This clash of colours comes down to colour theory. The lipstick that might have looked fabulous on you as a blond now can look decidedly odd with your new red locks. Why? Because the new hair colour and cosmetic undertones clash.

The colour of our hair really does affect our overall appearance and so when you change it, it is essential to change everything else too from the clothes you wear to your make-up. This allows you to give a better balance to the face and it also finishes off the overall new look. The wrong cosmetic colours can make your look go from pale to dull to downright clownish.

How to Find New Makeup to Suit Your New Colour

When it comes to finding new make-up to suit your new colour, you may have trouble knowing what to opt for. Though you might not want to overhaul your make-up bag, you should seriously consider adding a few key colours to complement your dramatically changed hair colour. The right make-up to compliment your hair colour and skin tone with help you get the most out of that expensive dye job!

You should look at a number of factors first in order to choose the right colours for you. Some of these factors include hair colour, eye colour, and skin tone.  Still confused? If you need guidance to get the most out of your new hair colour ask the stylist that is dying your hair to suggest cosmetic shades that will fit your skin tone and match your new mane. Often times your salon will have a cosmetic line on hand and can do a mini make-over to demonstrate the power of the correct colors. If your stylist is of little help go to visit your local department store’s cosmetic counter or just pop on-line and ask the Beauty Advisor at your favourite cosmetic website for guidance and shade suggestions.

Overall cosmetics should be chosen with various things in mind. When you change your hair colour your make-up should definitely be changed too. So the next time you colour your hair, take these tips into consideration to get the most out of your new look.
About Author: Kristin Adams is Founder and President of Afterglow Cosmetics, an all natural line of color cosmetics including certified organic ingredients. Discover your natural beauty with Afterglow Cosmetics.

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