Further Skin Types

As we already know there are 5 general skins types : Dry, Oily, Combination, Normal and Sensitive. There are are other skin types that can be found.

Moist skin

This is damp skin due to over secretion of sweat and can be caused by nervous tension, metabolic disturbances, hormone imbalance, spicy or hot foods / drinks. Disease such as fever can also be present in this skin type. The use of a sauna or steam room can be contributory factors.

Oemematous skin

Skin that has swollen puffy tissues which retain fluid and water. This can be caused by poor circulation and the lymphatic flow which can be affected by extreme temperature changes.

Premenstrual tension  and too much salt in the diet are considered factors. Medication such as cortisone and steroids, etc can also cause this skin type to develop as a result of damaged tissues.

Fatty skin

The tissue appears baggy due to fatty particles in the skin. Some causes can be malfunction of the liver or kidneys, an incorrect diet or hormonal imbalance due to under activity of the Thyroid gland.

A skin type may be oily or dry etc, but may also have some of the above characteristics included. A skin type may be dry but it may appear dehydrated and mature at the same time.