Eyebrow Shapes

Our eyes are the main focal point of the face. Well shaped and cared for eyebrows can accentuate and give definition to the eye area.

Bushy eyebrows can make you look older and thin eyebrows can give a hard look to your face. Our brows generally follow the natural curve of the brow bone.

  • Always keep your eyebrows in shape especially if you have bushy or thick eyebrows.
  • Keep your eyebrows looking natural especially if you are a mature lady (don’t shape to thinly)
  • Always choose a shape that is complimentary to your face shape


Eyebrow shapes

Natural shape – ideal to create a slimming effect to a round face

Arch shape – ideal to create a wider forehead to a heart shaped face

Straight shape – ideal for creating width to an oblong shaped face

Angular shape – ideal for creating a rounder effect to a square shaped face

Tip: The best way to achieve your desired shape is to either use a brow pencil and lightly draw the shape onto the brows and pluck around the shape. Alternatively, you can purchase eyebrow shaping kits which are brilliant. They generally come in re-usable plastic templates that you place onto the brows, draw on the desired shape, remove the template and pluck the stray hairs around the shape.