A Cleansing Routine

Proper cleansing is one of the first and foremost important factors that we need to consider when it comes to having cleansed and even toned appearance. It also helps when the skin is cleansed thoroughly so that other treatments that we may use can work effectively. The skin is a defence organ which protects the body against the environment, chemicals and general abuse.

When we cleanse our skins we remove stale make-up, grime, any debris from the atmosphere, natural secretions (i.e. sebum) and loose flakes of skin. Therefore our cleansing routine must be effective without over stimulation of the removal of the existing natural protection within the deep structure of the skin.

An everyday cleansing routine should be performed twice daily, in the morning and evening for proper cleansing of the skin. A wide variety of cleansing products are available so it is important that we choose the correct type that is most suitable for each skin type.

A basic cleansing routine


Start by removing any eye make-up, preferably with an eye make-up remover. The eye area can also be cleansed in the the same way in the morning.

Eye make-up remover can be applied to cotton wool pads and gently remove make-up in circular motions working from the outside edge of the eye to the centre and in a full circle. Some eye make-up removers can even melt away make-up without the need for excessive rubbing.

A good tip to remove eyeliner or eye pencil is to use a cotton bud dipped into the eye make-up solution or clean water. Never use the same piece of cotton wool pad for both eyes.

A good tip is to rest the cotton wool pads onto the eye area and allow the solution to soak up the make-up before excessive rubbing.


Remove lipstick with a cleanser on a cotton wool pad

Face and Neck

We all use different cleansers and should follow the cleansing procedure specified by the manufacturers of these products. Remove the cleanser from the container either with a spatula or pour onto the hands.

Start cleansing from the neck, working in an upward and outward movement, finishing on the forehead area. Remove the cleanser with cotton wool pads in the same way as the cleanser was applied to the face and neck. Repeat this procedure until all traces of make-up and cleanser are removed include the hairline and around the nose and mouth area. At this stage some of us love to wash off the excess especially if it is an oily skin type.

A good tip is to always use damp cotton wool pads when cleansing as this does not distort or pull the skin.

A toner is vital to this routine as it deeply removes all traces of cleanser and it helps to freshen and tone the skin.

A good tip to save on toner is to apply a little less toner to a cotton wool pad and add a few drops of water.

Now your skin is ready for eye care, face care and any special treatments you may use.